The Death OF The DVD

Blockbuster Closed

Blockbuster stores are closing permanently

I walk to work each day and pass a video store. Or maybe a DVD store is more appropriate. Or maybe a blu-ray store is actually. Well it doesn’t matter what format they are selling, the important thing is that they are selling physical copies of movies and T.V. shows. Each time i walk past i look at the people leaving the store and wonder why they are still practising this ancient tradition of hiring movies. Well actually my first thought is i can’t believe they are paying for movies but that’s a whole other debate.

So why are these video stores failing to survive? It’s pretty simple really, they’re an inconvenience. Why would we venture into the outside world, search through aisles of movies and pay ridiculous prices when we can just jump on Netflix and be watching a show within seconds. Why would people pay money to multi million dollar franchises when they could just download a movie for free?

The final nail in the coffin came with the announcement late last year that all of the American Blockbuster stores were closing down. It is only a matter of time until the smaller stores are no longer. Although i am one of those people downloading shows, I am still genuinely sad that the video store is leaving us. Like picking up a newspaper, like buying a CD, it seems as though my childhood is dissapearing around me.

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