About Mr Tuned In

Drunk Rob

Moments From Spewing

This picture was taken moments before i spewed up all over the table of a really nice bar. This was clearly not my finest hour. I should have been drinking that full glass of water in front of me. Anyway, the reason i am posting this is to explain why i chose to write about T.V. for my blog.

When i eventually did get dragged home and woke up the following morning with a hang over that could kill a fully grown African rhino I knew what the day had it stall for me. Well the first thing was probably another spew and a foetal position shower, but after that my day would entail hours and hours of television to take my mind off my almighty hang over.

Television shows are a thing of a comfort for us all. If our lives are mundane we can chuck one on and be transported into a whole other world. If we are sad we can put on a comedy and be laughing in no time. If our brain is mush after a long day at work we can put on free to air and there will surely be a soap or reality show on.

Television is constantly improving and testing new waters. Characters and story lines are becoming more detailed and philosophical. Special effects are breaking new boundaries and the big screen actors are making the transition over to a flourishing format. For me, nothing beats curling up after a long day and escaping the world for 50 minutes.


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