Social Media and Advertising are now Besties!

Walter White: Struggling Teacher

Breaking Bad Meme

There is a steady growth of television shows being viewed online via piracy or online streaming websites, so concordantly there has been a surge in online advertising. Social media leads the way as shows now have Facebook pages that provide information on upcoming episodes, previous episodes and interviews with actors/writers.

The evolution of ‘the meme’ is also upon us (pictured above) which is basically a comedic picture with a caption related to the show. There is not much to it really but for some reason it adds another form of engagement for the viewer, often a lighter way of looking at heavy topics.

Youtube provides the viewer with trailers of episodes, certain scenes and occasionally full episodes. If we are still starved for information we can jump on our twitter accounts (which are accesable via smart phone). Twitter is constantly providing us with updates from the show, characters or even the actors themselves. It seems the days of the giant billboard and T.V. add are over.

An Article published in Social Media Explorer further explores this issue: Social Media Changing Television Forever


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